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Dessert derives from the French word desservir, which means ‘to clear the table’. At times this can be a difficult feat to undertake, especially after finishing a scrumptious four-course dinner, but when the final inning looks as good as this, there’s no doubt you’re going for the grand slam.

For this special dinner in our Orlando catering commissary, a one-of-a-kind chef’s table was adorned with vases heaping with peanuts and baseballs, inspired by the classic All-American theme of Bubba’s Homerun Dinner.

The closer of this ballgame, our Corporate Pastry Chef, Michele Pompei, crafted this decadent, Twist on a Twix.  Don’t let the name of this dessert fool you because you won’t find this heavy hitting confection gracing the shelves of your local gas station. It’s the kind of dish that you reserve for a special occasion, or more accurately, the day that you eat it, becomes a special occasion.


This recipe literally, has it all! Whether it’s the sweet and salty or the soft and crunchy, each element influences the delicate balance of the recipe.  The foundation of the dish begins with an artful brush of homemade pistachio ganache. This distinct flavor gives every bite that, “Je ne sais quoi,” which blends beautifully with the other flavors and leaves you guessing, and eager for more.

Next up, pâte sablée is the richest of the French short pastry crusts that makes up the thick slice of cookie that cushions the layer of sweet, gooey caramel in the center of the plate. Smooth chocolate creméux kisses and fragments of chocolate glass decorate the addicting dessert bar, which is served alongside a dollop of refreshing malt ice cream. All of these ingenious elements were individually made by Michele, fused together and delivered in a striking presentation.


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