5 Tips For Planning A Backyard BBQ

Summer is the time for grilling out, cool drinks and refreshing fare. Whether it’s barbecued sides or bright salads, get your party rockin' with the flavors of summer. While chilled pastas, fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables are an obvious choice, we're sharing some other helpful planning tips that'll ensure your backyard BBQ goes off without a hitch!

For good drinks, it’s always best to be prepared: For a true sip of summer, create signature cocktails in batches; watermelon, cucumber, basil and citrus are a few of our favorite flavors. Serving it up in big pitchers ensures that every drink is perfectly crafted, and it eliminates the need to get messy each time you need a refill. 

Quench your thirst with our Rosemary Infused Lemonade, the perfect fusion of lemonade and herbs.

Pair your grilled meats with lighter, fresher fare: Chef Sean says, “When I’m grilling, I like to pair my meats with salads that have a light, acidic dressing composed of olive oil, a squeeze of lime, and some salt rather than using a vinaigrette. It keeps the salad light and fresh and works well with the char of the grill.”

Let your guests do some of the work: Set up make-it-yourself food bars that let your guests customize their favorite dishes. Popcorn with assorted seasonings, bruschetta with an array of fresh toppings, or even a fry and onion ring bar in different flavors. Let's just say your picky eaters will love you. 

Onion Rings, Ancho Onion Rings, Parmesan Rosemary Fries and Black Truffle Fries.

When in doubt, slow it down: Cook your main dish with the powers of a slow cooker for rich flavors and the wonderful ability to leave it unattended. Check out our Pork Carnitas with Lime Sriracha Crema & Plantain Chip Recipe for a savory summer dish.
Note: keep out of reach of small, hungry children – chances are it will smell delicious!

Chef tip: For an easy way to cool off, fill watermelon cubes with evoo and balsamic for a refreshing afternoon snack.

Sweet endings: Move over chocolate cake! While we love you dearly, fresh and fruity are a much better fit for summer desserts. Our Valencia Blood Orange Layer Cake is an ode to Florida, and did we mention it tastes just like an Orange Creamsicle? Hello, childhood memories! Or for a healthier alternative, simply prepare our Watermelon Cubes at home. All you need is cubed watermelon, EVOO and balsamic -- voilà!


Valencia Blood Orange Layer Cake

Now get out there and have some fun planning your summer soirée! Or contact our Special Event Planners to get started, events@puffnstuff.com.


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