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June 15, 2018 by Christine Brown

Hosting a BBQ or summer party this year? There is nothing better than bringing everyone together plus, party planning is fun. Warm Florida weather, cold drinks, delicious food and your favorite people are the perfect ingredients to create a fantastic summer cookout.

The date is picked, evites are sent, and RSVPs are pouring in. It all seems pretty simple. Then reality sets in. How much food do you actually need? Will you serve BBQ ribs or burgers? Is the refrigerator big enough? What will the kids eat? Is this the third or fourth trip to the grocery store?

Enjoy More Time with Your Guests

Sure, cookouts mean grilling, but imagine that delicious smoky flavor without slaving over a hot barbeque with smoke in your face and sweat in your eyes. Wouldn’t you prefer to be served cocktails, rather than serving them? Just envision yourself poolside, floating blissfully along, enjoy every moment.

Cold Drinks to Beat the HeatTaylor_July4th017

Want to have a bar at your party? No problem. Order your alcohol from ABC Liquor ahead of time and we will pick it up. You don’t have to worry about lugging everything to the house, because we will bring the ice, mixers, glasses and even the table. We’ll even bring fun mocktails for the kids.

Summertime Sweets

Worried about finding a dessert everyone will love or dreading picking up a store bought pie? At Puff ‘n Stuff Catering our Special Event Planner helps you choose the perfect desserts that will treat you and your guests. With choices like cookie sandwiches and mini cupcakes, they will satisfy any sweet tooth.

We Do All the Work

Leave the heavy lifting to us. No more counting chairs or running to rent a table at the last second. By having your summer party professionally catered, we supply the chairs, tables, linen and seasonal decor.

BBQ Checklist 2

But wait, don’t forget the joys of cleanup. How many cookouts have you been invited to where you were roped into trash duty or voluntold to be the honorary grill master, for the entire day? Now picture the party winding down and everyone relaxing with drinks in hand, as you are relegated to the kitchen, washing dishes and packing leftovers.

Alas, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that light leads to having your summertime celebration catered. Whether you choose delivery or pick up, when you host a catered party, your job is simply to enjoy time with your friends and family. On the day of your event we arrive with everything needed, cook, serve, clean up, and pack up without you lifting a finger. You won’t have to change a single trash bag or pack any Tupperware. Trust us on this, your friends and family will enjoy your party even more and you will be the unsung hero of summer.

Last minute plans? No worries, leave everything to the experts, because our Summer Celebrations Menu has classic grill and BBQ recipes to make your summer party a hit.

In case you won’t take our word for it, CLICK HERE to download a scary checklist of all the items you’ll needed to host your party, sans a caterer. Then call us.



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